eCommerce Tracking on weebly using Google Tag Manager


Implement E-commerce Tracking on Weebly Using Google Tag Manager

Recently once client ask me to implement e-commerce tracking on weebly because weebly does not provide a unique url on each url, weebly is mapped url as iframe in actual domain like

<frameset rows=”100%,*border=”0“>
  <frame src=”” frameborder=”0” />
  <frame frameborder=”0noresize />

What Challenge to implement E-commerce tracking in Weebly using Google Analytic 

  1. Website ajax based geting very difficult information to work E-commerce Tracking on Weebly 
  2. Product array to work ecommerce tracking
  3. Data Layer is not working due iframe and ajax 

To Implement Ecommerce Tracking on Weebly using Custom Javascript

BigCommerce Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

Implement Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking on Weebly using Google Tag Manager

First Install Google Tag Manager on Your Weebly for Set Up E-commerce Tracking using Google Tag Manager

e-commerce tracking on weebly

Setup Google Tag Manager on Weebly

Paste this code as high in the <head> of the page as possible:
<!– Google Tag Manager –>
new Date().getTime(),event:’gtm.js’});var f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],
<!– End Google Tag Manager –>
Additionally, paste this code immediately after the opening <body> tag:
<!– Google Tag Manager (noscript) –>
<noscript><iframe src=””
height=”0″ width=”0″ style=”display:none;visibility:hidden”></iframe></noscript>
<!– End Google Tag Manager (noscript) –>


Note: Make you will replace GTM Tracking Code with your GTM ID XXXXX

  • Product Array : To Track product detail for Weebly Ecommerce Tracking using Google Tag Manager used custom javascript to get the value of price, product and brand etc

Get Order details from ajax using Google Tag Manager: To track order total value , Shipping details and coupon code details using Custom javascript for ecommece on weebly.

Written Custom html pull out all the information on weebly for E-commece Tracking


Weebly eCommerce Tracking

eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager

Now time to verify e-commerce tracking for Weebly using Google Tag Manager and Verified with Google Analytic

Passing all the details for e-commerce tracking for weebly

Verified E-commerce tracking for weebly using Google Analytic

Warning:if you do n’t know about javascript or do n’t have developing knowledge then do n’t try to Weebly Ecommerce Tracking using Google Tag Manager a custom javascript without using Any plugin that can broke your site, Cart and other functionality 

Disclaimer: Google tag manager belongs to Google property 

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