Facebook Conversion Pixel on Bigcommerce Using Google Tag Manager


Bigcommerce Facebook Conversion Pixel Implement using Google Tag Manager without touching Code on BigCommerce (with Stencil themes or Any theme of BigCommerce) 

Recently once client ask me to Facebook Standard Events pixel include ViewContent, AddtoCart, AddToWishlist, InitiateCheckout, AddPaymentInfo and Purchase Pixel etc.

To Work Advance Facebook Pixel on Bigcommerce using Google Tag Manager 

  content_name: 'Require a Product Name ',
  content_category: 'Require a Product Category',
  content_ids: ['1234'] Require a Product id that must be match with product,
  content_type: 'product',
  value: 0.50, Require a Product revenue ,
  currency: 'USD'

content_name: Require product Name get using Google Tag Manager using a custom javascript/Data Layer
content_category: Require Product Category geting using Google Tag Manager using a Custom Javascript /Data Layer
content_ids:One of toughest job getting product id using google tag manager using a custom, Probably more easier to using Data Layer , 
value: Product amount and Total order value using Google Tag Manager using a custom javascript/Data layer 

1. First Set up Facebook Basic Pixel on Bigcommerce  using Google Tag Manager

<!– Facebook Pixel Code –>
fbq(‘init’, ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’); // Insert your pixel ID here.
fbq(‘track’, ‘PageView’);
<noscript><img height=”1″ width=”1″ style=”display:none”
<!– End Facebook Pixel Code –>

Facebook Pixel on Bigcommerce

Install The Facebook Pixel In Your Bigcommerce

Note: Make you will replace Facebook Pixel Id with your Facebook Pixel ID XXXXX

2. Write a custom Javascript to get all the value above described for Bigcommerce to work Facebook Pixel

Bigcommerce Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Add dynamic conversion value, Product id , Product Name, Product Category with BigCommerce

3.ViewContent – Need to verify to facebook viewContent Pixel with facebook helper and implement through Google Tag Manager

ViewContent big commerce facebook pixel

ViewContent Facebook Pixel in Bigcommerce

4. AddToCart – When a product is added to click on add to cart button using Google Tag Manager on Bigcommerce Facebook Pixel

AddToCart facebook pixel bigcommerce

AddToCart facebook pixel bigcommerce

4. Purchase – When a Purchased completed on Bigcommerce Facebook Pixel using Google Tag Manager

Bigcommerce Facebook Conversion Tracking

Facebook Conversion Tracking on Bigcommerce

Warning:if you do n’t know about javascript/ Datalayer/Jquery or do n’t have developing knowledge then do n’t try Facebook Conversion Pixel on Bigcommerce Using Google Tag Manager a custom javascript without using Any plugin that can broke your site, Cart and other functionality 

Disclaimer: Google tag manager belongs to Google property 

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